DJ Mila is a resident DJ at club Elektro, Halo and at the W Hotel. Her music career started at the age of 16 with the love of Trance music, Producing and Mixing. This quickly lead her to discover that Electronic Music was her one true love and passion, her music desire progressed into other genres such as Progressive Trance, Progressive House, House and EDM along the way. She is passionate about music and loves what she does, keeping her music true to her heart while tearing up the dance floor.

DJ Mila‭ ‬16歲時開始接觸電子音樂,2013年受到Taipei 101‭ ‬Spark賞識,開始在‭ ‬W Hotel 10F WooBar‭ / ‬Spark 101‭ / ‬Halo Taipei‭ / ‬Spark ATT‭/‬Elekrto‭ ‬擔任駐場DJ,並曾在百大DJ The Chainsmokers‭ ‬,‭ ‬Dash Berlin‭ ‬…等‭ ‬百大來台表演擔任‭ ‬Opening DJ‭ ‬

Event History
2013/12‭ ‬Spark101‭ ‬DJ
2014/01‭ ‬WooBar DJ
2014/02‭ ‬Halo DJ
2014/05‭ ‬Spark ATT
2014/05/07‭ ‬Spark ATT the warm up DJ‭ ‬- Dash Berlin
2014/06/21‭ ‬Spark ATT the warm up DJ‭ – ‬The Chainsmokers
2014/06/28‭ ‬Spark ATT the warm up DJ‭ -‬RAVE REPUBLIC
2014/07/04‭ ‬W Taipei the warm up DJ‭ ‭- ‬TyDi
2014/12/13‭ ‬VEGA One Year Anniversary‭ ‬‭(‬LUXY‭)‬
2015/04/25‭ ‬ELEKTRO the warm up DJ‭ – ‬‬Andy Moor
2015/08/05‭ ‬101‭ ‬Taipei‭ ‬Salvatore Ferragamo‭ ‬Opening DJ
2015/08/10‭ ‬RENE FURTERER‭ ‬
2015/08/13‭ ‬W Taipei FURTERER Fashion Show‭ ‬
2015/09/20‭ ‬Road To Ultra
2015/09/23‭ ‬Ballantines’s Taiwan Championship
2015/09/30‭ ‬ELEKTRO the warm up DJ‭ ‬-‭ ‬Don Diablo
2016/03/04‭ ‬ELEKTRO the warm up DJ‭ – ‬Slice N Dice
2016/12/07‭ ‬南港C3停車場 the warm up DJ‭ – ‬Alan Walker‭ ‬
2016/12/31‭ ‬ATT ShowBox‭ ‬
2017/01/08‭ ‬ELEKTRO‭ ‬the warm up DJ‭ – ‬SICK DINDIVIDUALS
2017/02/19 Super Chill Events Presents We Are Connected Taipei